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Bawa Muhaiyaddeen on Creation and Unity

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In this world, Allah created many different kinds of beautiful and valuable things, but there would have been no creation at all if the five elements had not come together in unity. Earth, fire, water, air, and ether are natural enemies to one another, but God joined them together through the recitation of the kalimah: “There is no god except the one God, and Muhammad is His Messenger.”1 It was through the light of Nur Muhammad,2 that He united them, saying, “O Muhammad, without you I would not have created anything. I have created everything through you.”

Before the five elements joined together as one, each proclaimed with great pride, “I! I! There is no one greater than I! I can do anything I want.” Water said, “I can do anything I want.” Air said, “I can do anything I want.” Earth and fire and ether also said, “I can do anything I want.” Each one boasted that it was invincible. But if we consider everything that was created out of these five energies, we will see that they all contain some imperfection or weakness3 and that they all are subject to change and destruction. Except for the All-knowing and Almighty Eternal God, everything is imperfect and will change.

To break the pride of the five elements, to destroy their arrogance, and to bring them together in unity, God showed them their many weaknesses.

To earth He said, “Do not think that you are great. Good and evil and all that is filthy and discarded exist within you. And everyone steps on you.”

“I am indeed full of faults,” the earth was forced to admit.

“Recite the kalimah in the name of the light of Nur Muhammad,” God commanded. And earth recited the kalimah.

Then God told water, “You wash away dirt from others, but then you keep it all within yourself, and the millions of worms and insects and germs that grow within you make you smell terrible. What is more, you have no shape of your own; you are trapped by what surrounds you. Only when there is an opening can you flow out and escape. O water, how can you say that you are great, when you can be pushed about by winds and blocked by earth from going wherever you want?”

“I certainly have many faults,” admitted water.

“Recite the kalimah in the name of the light of Nur Muhammad,” God commanded. And water recited the kalimah.

Then God told fire, “You think you can do whatever you want, but air can blow you out and water can drown you. That should put an end to your arrogance. There is only One who is without fault. That One is Allah, the eternal One who has no beginning or end.”

And fire also had to admit, “I am full of faults.”

“Recite the kalimah in the name of the light of Nur Muhammad,” commanded God. And fire recited the kalimah.

Next God told air, “You look at everyone’s face, but no one looks at your face. You think you are great, but there are tall mountain ranges that can block you. And when houses, trees, or mountains stand in your way, what can you do? Nothing.”

“I have many faults,” admitted air.

“Then recite the kalimah and know that there is someone greater than you. That One is Allah.” And air recited the kalimah.

Then God told ether, “You are maya, you are illusion. You are nothing but glitters. One storm pushes you this way, the next pushes you that way. As soon as daylight comes, your glitters disappear and the beauty of your own light fades. You are powerless in the daylight.”

“I am full of faults,” admitted ether.

“Recite the kalimah,” God commanded. And ether recited the sacred words.

And so, when the five acknowledged their deficiencies, affirmed their faith,4 and said the kalimah in the name of the light of Nur Muhammad, they became one, and Islam came into being. Only after they recited the kalimah did they join together in unity.

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