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  • Thoughts on becoming Catholic (about one and a half years later):

    •  It is really difficult getting to church every Sunday (and especially so during the week), let alone once a month, after I received confirmation. It’s hard to imagine that my family was at church 2-5 days a week, whether volunteering, taking part in social events and activities, etc.
    •  I feel lazy about my participation in Catholicism and disappointed at my own disappointment concerning the quality of sermons. On the other hand, I rarely leave Mass without feeling unmoved in some way.
    •  It is rare to encounter Catholics in my state who don’t support gay marriage.
    •  Not having to deal with Young Earthers is a fantastic benefit to becoming Catholic.
    •  It’s very cool that my last church worked with Tibetan refugees (the city I was in is one of the largest migration areas for Tibetan refugees in America) and my current one participates with the local synagogue. This sort of reasonable bheavior is alien to past experiences.
    •  I still don’t buy into the commonly held soteriological perspectives: I can see no lasting salvation, no permanence save through repetition and the display of universal ideas, and everlasting joy, fear, and trembling with the gift of the Beatific Vision given, perhaps, as a blissful glance at the Source—there, in the corner of one’s eye, an object of lust appears, and we fall back down again to greet it.
    •  Chesterton is right. The Church is bigger on the inside. (Or was it the Doctor who said that)?



Written by KarlH

July 25, 2013 at 4:23 am