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[Notes from the Journal #2]: Igor

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Igor was a jokester—a practical prankster, a rapscallion.

He was also a stable boy, though a man of thirty. When he had been younger, he made a mistake that cost him his advancement.

“Not a soul as brave as I,” said the young boy, mounting his steed. “To ride off to face my Duty—this is chivalry!”

A man cannot be a knight without a dragon to be slain. And so, we all need a dragon to hold and to hate.

The man-boy set off looking for his Figured Ennoblement, stopping at the musty lair. “Beyond ‘yon oak passage lies my Passage.”

Espying his eternal foe, the boy laid his eyes upon the thing-of-glory—a long stake, and sought to overthrow the necessary Opressor. Aiming for its most vulnerable areas, the boy-knight prodded and stabbed until the dragon was no dragon at all but a blinded mare.


Written by KarlH

May 23, 2011 at 4:54 am

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