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I’m currently sitting on the train on my way back from New York. Went apartment searching near the University I’ll be teaching at/attending. After my apartment search, my face looked something like this:

Initially, I had two appointments booked and two open houses I planned to attend. S and I drove by the first two apartments I had booked apartments for without stopping. We visited the apartment with an open house (I had called ahead last week to ensure that there were models available to look at). After being directed to guest parking (which did not, in fact, exist, a fact later confirmed by security) and looping around several times to talk to various staff, her and I were pretty fed up with this place by the time we got to the leasing office. The leasing agent, “Alphonso,” sneered at me when he saw I was white and laughed at the fact that I listed my occupation as “Professor.” He declined renting to me because “I am not paid an hourly wage.” Whatever. It was the first time I’ve experienced overt racism (he suggested that I apply for government handouts/loan money because “it’s clear to me that you couldn’t possibly support yourself”), and I politely excused myself from his office. S and I drove around for a few hours and found a number of other apartments, but most of the places did not have hours on Saturday because they were operating on summer hours.

However, we did find a nice place/village apartment type setting near the hospital on several acres with a pool, gym, tennis courts, etc. There’s even a little forest with a brook across from it. It’s a tiny bit out of my price range (while still quite cheap), but this should not be an issue as S is moving in with me after Mission X is completed. In a week, I will go back to check it out. If I can only start the lease on the 1st of September, I will commute from Philly for the first week of classes and live with my brother. This is obviously not ideal, but I can deal with it regardless.

A tentative copy of my syllabus is due on August 5th, so in addition to planning a graduation party on Saturday to milk money out of my relatives catch up with everyone and celebrate my graduation, my mother’s, and a friend’s graduation, I am finishing that up and have already planned out 12 of the 15 weeks of the fall semester. I have a newfound respect for my professors after nearly completing this Herculean labor as scheduling has never been my strong point. Physically, my chronic digestive issues have gotten a lot worse, so I haven’t been able to eat very much for the past few weeks. I’ve also experienced food poisoning four times this year already (twice from a restaurant, once from improperly thawed salmon, and once from expired lemon juice). The last time I brought up my persistent nausea/other symptoms to my doctor (3 years ago, damn), I was advised that “it’s your fault because you eat like a teenager and need to take antacids every day forever.” Hopefully, I can actually talk to someone besides the NP next week and can move towards figuring out what’s wrong with me.

I’m very excited for the fall semester to start but am also somewhat apprehensive. I worked for most of the last year and into the summer as a mental health counselor and tutored for HEOP/AOE students for the last two weeks, and I have not had a full week off of school or work during the summer since August of 2011. I find it difficult to adequately express my excitement that I am doing jack shit between August 5th and 20th. If anyone wants to find me, I’ll be drinking Budweiser on my front porch and going squirrel-hunting for that period.


Written by KarlH

July 29, 2013 at 7:47 pm